The Chinese Culture Center has provided many programs relevant to its mission over the last thirty years. Our organization was founded in 1965 based on community leaders’ recognition of the need to promote Chinese culture and values. Today, the Center continues to receive community support in this endeavor.

Our lineup of programs covers the spectrum of traditional art such as painting, sculpture, music and dancing. We have events aimed at the Chinese-speaking population, such as lectures and films in Cantonese and Mandarin, as well as programs for the English-speaking population such as the exhibition “Treasures of Tek Sing” and “The Grand Seducers: Giovanni meets Xi-men Qing,” a new East/West opera with music by Gang Situ. We try to foster the public’s interest in Chinese history and philosophy through events such as a lecture on the Jewish population in Shanghai in the 1930’s, heritage and culinary walking tours through Chinatown, brush painting classes, music classes, and Mandarin classes. We discuss the meaning of Chinese festivals–such as our annual Spring Festival–in seminars offered at the Center.

We have provided spaces for the community and families to gather and enjoy cultural performances and events like the annual “Spring Festival” to celebrate Chinese New Year. We’ve organized movie nights for seniors; “Cantonese Opera film series for the Elderly” attracted over 600 seniors from the Chinatown community and other Bay Area cities.

We reach out to youths by promoting young artists such as The Lee Trio, and by bringing interns to China annually to participate in our youth genealogy research project “In Search of Roots.” Roots interns learn about their family history and cultural heritage.

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