C4 Film Series 2008 華劇院電影系列

Chinese Culture Center Cinema 2008. Curated by CCC Program Director Abby Chen.

Since China adopted the open-door policy in the early 1980s, the country has experienced tremendous changes in all aspects of life. In the 1990s, China became one of the fastest growing economies in the world, and its entry into the World Trade Organization has further intensified its interaction with the global community. China’s economic success has, however, often overshadowed the political, social and cultural changes that have been taking place in the past two decades. Many people in the West who have limited experience of, or knowledge about, contemporary China continue to view it as part of the mysterious Orient or the country with a stereotyped culture.

For those with little knowledge of contemporary China, C-4 films offer broadened and nuanced perspectives to replace static, one-dimensional views. For viewers who are more familiar with the subject, C-4 aims to provide a closer look and fresh perspectives on various topics affecting Chinese and Chinese Americans. Finally, for the benefit of all viewers, C-4 is a celebration of the great diversity of Chinese Culture, both within China and abroad. In an effort to live up to all its goals, the 2008 Chinese Culture Center Cinema program highlights films that embody the following themes:

*Reflections of the social and cultural complexity of the Greater China region
*Reflections of the socially and culturally complex lives of Chinese and Chinese Americans in the U.S.
*Reflections of how Chinese people and culture are perceived by non-Chinese filmmakers

It is the time for this most populous nation on earth to be understood: its people, its culture, and its history.

For a list of 2007’s screenings, click here.

All screenings (except “Farming the Seas”):
Chinese Culture Center
Hilton Hotel (3rd Floor)
750 Kearny Street
San Francisco, 94108
Admission: $5 public; $3 member

Scroll down or click here for “Farming the Seas” location and admission info.

The following schedule is tentative. Check back frequently for updates.
All films are unrated. Films with explicit adult content will be noted.


Saturday, June 7th: 2:30 pm
Opening Night! Triple feature & panel discussion.

    Red Thread 红线 (2008) 19 Minutes/ English/ No Subtitles
    Jim Choi’s Red Thread chronicles the installation of artist Beili Liu’s “Lure” exhibit, currently on display at the Chinese Culture Center gallery. Born in China, and currently living and working in America, Beili Liu creates work colored by diverse cultural influences, and Red Thread examines the way in which these cultural dynamics embedded in the exhibit speak to viewers from a variety of backgrounds.

    Have Food Will Travel 民以食为根 (2008) 12 Minutes/ English / No Subtitles
    Leonard Shek, an intern from the Chinese Culture Center’s In Search of Roots program, shows how the everyday act of eating can easily transform into an assertion, or exploration, of one’s cultural identity. Throughout the film, the consumption of food represents an opportunity to reassert connections: to one’s family, to one’s community, and to one’s own identity.

    Documentary by Felicia Lowe (2008); 10 minutes

    Special Event: After the screenings, the Culture Center will be hosting a panel discussion of the films. Panel members include filmmakers Jim Choi and Leonard Shek, Chinese Culture Center Program Director Abby Chen, and moderated by renowned TV host Jay Stone Shih.

Friday, June 20th: 6:00 pm
Film Screening.

    Summer Palace 頤和園 (2006) 140 Minutes/ Mandarin & German/ English Subtitles
    Banned by the Chinese government, this powerful drama follows rebellious young Yu Hong as she leaves her small village and her family behind to attend Beijing University in the late 1980s. As her tumultuous relationships with two different men reflects the turmoil gripping her country, she begins to become overwhelmed by chaos.
    Warning: explicit sexual content. For mature audiences only!


Saturday, July 12th: 12:00pm
Film Screening

    The Gate of Heavenly Peace 天安门 (1995) 189 Minutes English
    This documentary about the 1989 protest movement reflects the drama, tension, humor, absurdity, heroism, and many tragedies of the six weeks from April to June in 1989. The film reveals how the hard-liners within the government marginalized moderates among the protesters (including students, workers and intellectuals), while the actions of radical protesters undermined moderates in the government. Moderate voices were gradually cowed and then silenced by extremism and emotionalism on both sides. By giving these ignored voices their proper place in history, The Gate of Heavenly Peace reveals an ongoing debate in China concerning the importance of personal responsibility and moral integrity.


Friday, August 29th: 6:00pm
Film Screening.

    In Search of Lin Zhao’s Soul 寻找林昭的灵魂 (2004) 100 Minutes/ Mandarin/ English Subtitles
    Co-presenters: WACSF,AAWAA, IMOW, OACC, CCS in UC Berkeley.

    Lin Zhao, an outstanding student from Peking University, was labeled a rightist when she criticized the Anti-Rightist Campaign, and was imprisoned twice. As prisoners were not allowed to have pens and paper, she wrote with her hairpin dipped in her own blood. Year after year, she wrote on, composing articles, poems and open letters, as many as 200,000 Chinese characters altogether. Hu Jie’s documentary In Search of Lin Zhao’s Soul reflects the unrivaled vigor and depth of Lin’s criticism and her excellent literary talent.


Friday, September 5th: 6:00pm
Film Screening.

    Colonel Jin Xing: A Unique Destiny 上尉金星 (2001) 52 Minutes/ English
    Co-presenters: GAPA, APIQWTC, ON Magazine, QWOCMAP.

    Shanghai’s principal dancer, 33-year-old Jin Xing, is a big star. She is the first choreographer to have received recognition in over half a century of national communism. But the most amazing thing about Jin Xing is that, up until 1995, this beautiful young woman was a man, a colonel in the People’s Liberation Army. Despite Jin Xing’s transcendence in the dance world, however, she is still up against the Chinese bureaucracy which refuses to give her permission to perform on the stages of the Western world.

Saturday, September 13th: 1:00pm
Workshop & film screening. FREE admission!

    Farming the Seas 渔之大海 (2004) 55 Minutes/ English/ No Subtitles
    Aquaculture was intended to take the pressure off ocean fish stocks and help avert a global food shortage, but many experts now believe that some forms of “fish farming” are actually creating more problems than they’re solving… and time is running out. This film journeys around the world documenting the most important stories as they unfold. From the indigenous tribes of British Columbia to the large-scale operations of multinational corporations, from Mediterranean fishermen to Thai shrimp farmers, Farming the Seas gathers perspectives from around the globe as it examines the problems and the promises of this emerging industry.

    Special Event: Sustainable Seafood and Chinese Culture workshop. The workshop includes screening of Farming the Seas, a panel discussion of youth and teachers regarding the issues facing seafood resources and their relevance to the Chinese American community, and tips on how to make conscious consumption choices as an individual.

*Note* This event will be held on the 4th Floor of the Hilton (750 Kearny st) in the “Pine” room. For more info on this event, click here.


    Brave Father 父亲(2007) 55 Minutes
    In 2002, Han Peiyin’s son Shengli is accepted into a university, and arrives to the city of Xi’an from his rural home. To pay for Shengli’s living expense and tuition, Han sells off all valuable things in his home and comes to work in Xi’an to make money. Though a lifetime peasant, Han firmly believed knowledge had the power to change destinies, and expects his son to be successful. Even so, Shengli’s job prospects are dim.


Friday, October 3rd: 6:00pm
Film Screening.

    Morning Sun 八九点钟的太阳 (2003) 117 Minutes/English
    This film attempts to create an inner history of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution (c.1964-1976). It provides a multi-perspective view of a tumultuous period as seen through the eyes – and reflected in the hearts and minds – of members of the high-school generation that was born around the time of the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, and that came of age in the 1960s. The film essays a psychological history, attempting a cinematic account of experiences and emotions represented by the people, events and ardor of the period.

Friday, October 17th: 6:00pm
Film Screening

We are no longer showing “Forbidden City, U.S.A” on this date.

    Made in China (2008) 70 Minutes/ English/ No Subtitles
    Filmmaker John Helde sets out to understand his father Tom’s remarkable childhood as a white American growing up in 1930’s China. Navigating his father’s reticence, he tracks down Tom’s China-born peers, a unique community of Americans who grew up with a foot in two cultures. But when cancer intervenes, John’s hope for his father to return to the home he left behind fades – and John’s ensuing solo journey across modern China, guided by new friends, becomes an exploration of what “home” really means.


No screenings currently scheduled for November. Please check back.


Film Screening

    Moment in Time (2008) 60 Minutes
    A Moment in Time is a history of movie-going in San Francisco and other American Chinatowns, a history that began in 1852 when the first touring Cantonese opera troupe visited. Over decades, some Cantonese touring performers settled in San Francisco some of whom are alive today. Cantonese opera was the seedbed for Hong Kong’s movie industry: Famous operas were translated for the screen and opera actors became the first movie stars. Cantonese opera films continued to be made through the 1960s and are still loved by a generation of older women.

    To submit a film or screening proposal to C4 2009 & beyond, please email info at c-c-c.org with subject “Submit film to C4” to receive submission guideline.

    中華文化中心影劇院 (C4) 放映時間表


    6 月 7 日 星期六

    紅線 (2008) 19 分鐘/ 英文/ 無字幕

    本片記錄了於舊金山中華文化中心展出的大型裝置藝術展 – “惑” 的裝置過程。其創作人劉北立女士是一名來自中國大陸的移民藝術家,她的作品體現了多重文化對她的影響。透過此片,觀眾可以感受到文化碰撞後的活力。

    民以食為根 (2008) 12 分鐘/ 英文/ 無字幕


    “中國對聯”, “華埠”, “靜默銘壁” 合集 (2008) 10 分鐘/ 英文/ 無字幕

    由 Felicia Lowe 導演及制作的影的合集。

    特備節目: 在放映完畢後,會有由文化中心舉辦的電影討論會。列席者有 Felica Lowe,Chihiro, 石樹勳,中心活動主任陳暢。由著名電視制作人史東主持。

6 月 20 日 星期五

    頤和園 (2006) 140 分鐘/ 國語及德語/ 英文字幕

    講述兩個文藝青年跨越十多年的感情糾葛,穿插「六四」天安門事件、柏林圍牆倒塌、東歐各國瓦解和香港回歸等歷史鏡頭,對照時代的變遷,個人命運的沉浮 …… 郭曉冬飾演的周偉有時猶豫不決,有時又很果斷,他性格很矛盾。郝蕾扮演的余虹 既感性又衝動,認為愛情來得快走得也快。


7 月 12 日 星期六

    天安門 (1996) 189 分鐘/ 國語 / 英文字幕



8 月 29 日 星期五

    尋找林昭的靈魂 (2004) 100 分鐘/ 國語/ 英文字幕

    林昭,北京大學學生,在1957年的反右運動中因公開支持北京大學學生張元勛的大字報「是時候了」而被劃為右派,後因「陰謀推翻人民民主專政罪,反革命罪」在1960年起被長期關押於上海提籃橋監獄,在獄中她堅持自己的信仰,並書寫了二十萬字的血書與日記,表達自己追求人權,博愛,自由和平等的信念和追求。本片反映出她無比的毅力、對她不公平的批判和她文學上的天賦。在最近華盛頓郵報中國首席記者潘公凱所著的 “Out of the Mao’s Shadow (走出毛澤東的影子 [暫譯])”一書中,作者以兩個章節的篇幅來描述林昭及這部紀錄片的誕生。

    特備節目: 在放映完畢後, 會有由文化中心舉辦的電影討論會。*詳細資料容後公佈。


9 月 5 日 星期五

    上尉金星 (2001) 52 分鐘/ 英文/ *字幕


9 月 13 日 星期六

    漁之大海 (2004) 55 分鐘/ 英文/ 無字幕

    水產養殖法看似是解決過度捕魚和全球糧食危險的有效方法。然而,很多專家指出的水產養殖會帶來更多的問題。從地中海到中國漁民 ,從英國的小漁戶到跨國企業,此片記錄了一個重要而不為人知的真實 ─ 水產養殖法所帶來的憂慮與弊端。

    註: 在放映完畢後, 將會有由文化中心舉辦的討論會和工作坊。屆時將由學生與老師一同探討過量食用海產帶來的問題、其問題怎樣影響美國華人社區的和享用海產時需留意的事項。其後的工作坊將介紹既可以保護生態又保持傳統風味的中國美食。

    9 月 19 日 星期五

    父親 (2007) 55 分鐘/ 國語/ 英文字幕



10 月 3 日 星期五

    八九點鐘的太陽 (2003) 115 分鐘/ 英文/ 無字幕


    10 月 17 日 星期五

    美國紫禁城 (2002) 76 分鐘/ 英文/ 無字幕

    美國紫禁城是 40 年代時期在美國舊金山的一間夜總會。本片反映出二次大戰後在夜總會表演的亞裔的苦與樂,記敍該時期亞裔音樂人與舞者的成就,和他們怎樣在文化的鴻溝與種族偏見中去追求自己的理想。


    流浪北京 (1990) 90 分鐘/ 國語/ 英文字幕

    本片是中國紀錄片的開山之作。本片記了五位藝術工作者在北京的生活。他們分別從事攝影、寫作、國畫、油畫和先鋒戲劇導演 等藝術活動,基本上是處於社會體制之外自由地創作。這批藝術工作者體現了九十年代初期中國獨立藝術家的掙扎和困惑。透過手提攝錄機,我們隨著制作人吳文光探尋和了解這些處於社會邊緣藝術工作者的真實經歷。

    四海為家 (1995) 90 分鐘/ 國語/ 英文字幕

    本片的主要人物全部來自《流浪北京》。曾經《流浪北京》的藝術家,五年之後在《四海為家》裡,各自有了新的生活狀態:理想的、無奈的、不安的、麻木 的 …… 片中小標題裡,寫有他們定居國的國名,如:家在中國;家在法國;家在意大利;家在奧地利;家在美國 —— 四海為家。

    紅綫 (2005) 25 分鐘/ 英文/ 無字幕

    這是一部為數不多的記載領養華裔兒童的紀錄片;記述了中國女嬰被父母所遺棄,然後被未婚的美國女士收養的故事 ─ 四名美國母親與其來自中國大陸的養女的相識經過和生活點滴。 這是一部將不同的文化、傳承和傳統交織在一起的紀錄片。

    放映時間隨時更改。請以 www.c-c-c.org 上的更新為準。


    6.7.08 – 独立纪录断片:红线/民以食为根/美国华人4部曲
      6.20.08 – 颐和园 (娄烨)
      7.12.08 – 天安门 (卡玛)
      8.29.08 – 寻找林昭的灵魂
      9.5.08 – 上尉金星
      9.13.08 – 渔之大海 + 华人海鲜文化及可持续发展渔业工作坊
      10.3.08 – 8.9点钟的太阳 - Morning Sun (卡玛)
      10.17.08 – 美国紫禁城 (Arthur Dong)
      Upcoming Titles 其他未排期电影:
      Red String
    Though I Am Dead
    Autumn Gem 秋瑾 (新版)

    The C4 program is funded by the San Francisco Arts Comission