Living In America: Panel Discussion- “The Others”

Panel Discussion in conjunction with the current exhibitions at SFAI and the Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco : United States of America & In Search of Roots

Time: Saturday, February 16th, 4pm/

Location: SFAI Lecture Hall / 地點:舊金山藝術院學術講堂

Moderated by Hou, Hanru (Director of Exhibitions and Public Programs and Chair of the Exhibitions and Museum Studies program) and Abby Chen (Program Director of Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco)

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Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco and San Francisco Art Institute will jointly host a panel discussion focused on the immigrant experience and among other things, the visual representations of this experience. Joining this panel discussion is local artists, activists and thinkers. As Haaning’s work explores the macro examination towards the perception of immigrants and cultural alienation in the west, the Chinese Culture Center applies the micro approach in embracing and preserving the identity of the Chinese immigrant community for multiple generations. This panel discussion offers a platform to explore and deepen the understanding of the various dimensions of the immigrants’ identity. Such discussion magnifies Hanning’s notion from a globalized picture into the concrete activities practiced by the local community.
舊金山中華文化中心與舊金山藝術学院將聯合舉辦論壇,就移民的生活狀態以及真實生活場景展開討論。參加此次論壇的均為經歷過移民生活或者創作過與之相關作品的灣區藝術家,活動家以及思想家。此次論壇與舊金山藝術学院的”美利堅合衆國”展覽以及中華文化中心的”尋根”展覽交相呼應。Hanning的作品對移民及文化異化進行宏觀的探索,中華文化中心則嘗試對跨代移民的身份和社區進行微觀的傳承。此次論壇為深度理解移民的身份提供一個平臺,將Hanning全球的視角濃縮至本土社區日常細緻的文化活動中。 由舊金山藝術學院公共項目主任侯瀚如和舊金山中華文化中心項目主任陳暢主持.