Sneak a Peek at Jon Jang’s ‘Portrait of Sun Yat Sen’

This Sunday, CCC partners at Asian ImpRov Arts are holding an intimate preview of Jon Jang’s ‘Portrait of Sun Yat-Sen,’ written in honor of Dr Sun’s leadership in the Xinhai Revolution. The piece will be unveiled in its entirety at the Chinatown Music Festival on September 25.

Where: Chinese Historical Society of America, 965 Clay Street
When: September 18, 4-5PM
Hosted by Asian ImpRov Arts

For the premiere, pipa and vocal soloist Min Xiao-Fen will join the ensemble and text about the life of Dr. Sun Yat-sen by Genny Lim will be read by SF Board of Education member Norman Yee. This September 18, 2011 work in progress performance is part of the development process for “Portrait” and gives audience members the opportunity to see the work as it is comes together and to engage Jon Jang and the other artists in dialogue. Admission is Free!