Stories from China’s Past

April 11 – May 31, 1987
Elaborate formal banquets, chef master classes and an informative day-long symposium are all part of the Sichuan Food Festival starting March 25 to celebrate the presentation of Han Dynasty archaeological treasures at the San Francisco Chinese Culture Center. This is the first extensive Sichuan Food Festival to be held in the U.S. in conjunction with an exhibition from Sichuan province according to Lucy Lim, Executive Director of the Chinese Culture Center.
Vivian Chiang, Administrator of the Center and Coordinator of the Sichuan Food Festival, announced that through negotiations with the People’s Republic of China, four of China’s most talented “Number One Class” banquet chefs from Sichuan province will be flown in for this special event. Major underwriting for the Festival is provided by Hinode Long Grain Rice, with additional support from JFC International, Inc., Kikkoman International, Inc. and Guenoc Winery.
Bay Area food enthusiasts will have the opportunity to add Sichuan recipes to their repertoires by attending the master classes held on March 25, 26; April 2, 6 and 9 at the Food Service Trade Center. The Sichuan chefs will demonstrate in nine different sessions the intricacies of Sichuan cooking. Martin Yan, well-known Chinese chef, author and television personality, and Lawrence Chu, chef/owner of Chef Chu in Los Altos, will interpret the cooking methods for American kitchens. All sessions are open to the public at $25 per class or a series for $150, which includes admittance to the symposium.

A one-day symposium, “A Taste of Sichuan: The Heritage and Tradition of Sichuan Cuisin,” will be held at the CCC on April 4. A Panel, including chefs, food historians and experts in the food world will discuss the various aspects of Sichuan cuisine from its history to practical, modern-day application. Cost for the one-day event is $25.
Most exciting will be the opportunity to participate in a formal 22 course Sichuan banquet prepared by the visiting chefs. This sophisticated gastronomical experience encompasses the different taste of Sichuan peasant cooking (hot and spicy) with the mild and delicate “haute cuisine” cooking of the province. The sequencing and rhythm of the courses are based on traditions that are unique to the province and date back hundreds of years. Each banquet is limited to 80 guests and will cost &175 per person. They are planned for 3 separate Bay Area locations.
On Friday, April 10, a dinner gala for the opening of the Sichuan Han exhibition will be held at The Empress of China in SF. The cost for this dinner is $50 per person.
Nationally-acclaimed film producer, Sue Yung Li, who grew up in Sichuan, is Chairman of the food festival. She is best known for her award-winning PBS tv series, “A Taste of China.”