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The Chinese Culture Center has perennially had a diversity of fantastic exhibits, a steady offering of classes and workshops, informative walking tours, entertaining performances, and many other exciting programs.

But all of the wonderful offerings that the Center provides for the community are never guaranteed. We depend in large part on the goodwill of our donors, members, and volunteers to make all of it possible.

With huge cuts in government funding, all non-profits have been hit hard. The Chinese Culture Center is no exception. Although we have been able to use our available assets to keep everything running well, it is still imperative that we maintain our longstanding sources of funding and support and cultivate new ones.

We need sustained backing in order to grow and flourish in the future. This is crucial, not only for the days ahead, but for the many years we plan to promote and preserve Chinese and Chinese American art and culture for both the community and visitors.

There are many ways that you can help the Center become the premier venue for Chinese and Chinese American art and culture. Whether it’s as a new member, an instructor, performer, donor, pro bono consultant, curator, or general volunteer, you have the power make a significant difference!

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