The White Tower 白塔

The White Tower (6/17 1:00 PM)
There are more than 20 million deaf people in China and Henan Province, where this story takes place, ranks No.1 in China in terms of the size of its deaf population. Although situated in the central plains of China and boasting a rich history of prosperity in the ancient times, the province lags painfully behind in the midst of reform and development. Jing Ming and Wang Rui are both deaf. Jing Ming lives in Zhengzhou, and Wang Rui lives in Kaifeng, both in the Henan Province. Jing Ming has had two marriages with normal women before. He falls in love with Wang Rui, who is a lively, beautiful, and warm-hearted girl. They frequently exchange their thoughts and feelings via brief messages on the cell phone. However, Wang Rui was already engaged to Mr. Lin, a deaf older man from Taiwan. Having learned about the love between Jing Ming and Wang Rui, Wang’s mother decided to marry off her daughter immediately to the Taiwanese fiancé. Jing fails in his efforts to keep Wang Rui. Wang and Mr. Lin get married. However, Wang is not happy with Mr. Lin and they get a divorce in the end. One year later, Wang Rui and Jing Ming still live separately in Kaifeng and Zhengzhou. They rarely see each other.
Directed by Su Qing and Mi Na, 85 mins; 2003; English Subtitles


苏青 米娜《白塔》 85 Mins, 2003 (White Tower)
中国现有聋人2000万,河南省是聋人最为集中的省份。虽然河南地处中原一度是中国历史文化发展的中心,但在改革开放的今天却步履迟缓。21世纪,位于郑州市中心的革命纪念塔正在淡出人们的记忆,留下的只是一城市标记。景明,小宁,王瑞一群聋人就生活在这里。景明和“正常人”有过两次婚姻。一次在朋友家偶然结识了家住开封的聋人姑娘王瑞。王瑞活泼、漂亮、善良,景明一见倾心。此后,两个人频繁地用手机短信交流思想感情。然而,王瑞已经和台湾聋人林先生有了婚约。察觉出女儿和景明的感情升温,王瑞的母亲决定让王瑞立刻与林先生举办婚礼。此时朋友们纷纷给景明王瑞出主意,鼓励景明千万要抓住机会争取爱情。但命运无法改变,景明最终祝福了王瑞和林先生的婚礼。出人意料的是,事情也并不象王瑞母亲所预料,王瑞没能和林先生去成台湾。回到台湾的林先生不久便和王瑞离异。 一年以后,景明和王瑞依然各自住在郑州、开封两个城市,随着时间流逝,渐渐形同路人。英文字幕。







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