Visual Arts

We follow a vision of creative place-making and are transforming our surroundings into a Museum Without Walls where a vibrant life and culture are celebrated. The goal of the Visual Art Center is to challenge perceptions, and encourage risk-taking by promoting the most innovative artists today.

“I am tremendously impressed at the director of the Foundation and the work being exhibited.”

–the late Michael Sullivan, preeminent Chinese art scholar.

“The Chinese Culture Foundation is THE place for contemporary Chinese art. It has no peers among public museums in the quality of the art and the engagement with the public!”

–Gordon H. Chang, Olive H. Palmer Professor in the Humanities and professor of American history at Stanford University


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click to view a listing of our past exhibitions


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Are you an aspiring artist who has a portfolio ready to show? Join the Chinese Culture Center Online Gallery, it’s free!  如果您希望展示自己的才藝,可加入中華文化中心的網上畫廊。所有手續免費。