Winter Fair 2013 冬至音樂會

You are invited to join us for another season of Winter Fair! This year, we have a new lineup: the talented dancers from Chinese Folk Dance Association and California Line Dance Association of America (CLDAA) coming this year to perform and to provide an interactive dance lesson! Also, are returning favorites, Singtao Talent Winners to showcase an ensemble of youth musicians, singers, and other talents. A family friendly event!


Saturday, November 23

12:30 – 3PM

CCC Auditorium, 750 Kearny St., 3rd Floor





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Contact:, 415-986-1822 x31 or stop by our gallery for tickets and information

2013 Lineup:

Chinese Folk Dance Association 華人歌舞團

California Line Dance Association of America (CLDAA)美國加州排舞協會

Singtao Talent Winners 星島才藝表演

Michelle Kay 袁凱琪 2011星島親善小姐冠軍 唱歌

Bryan Xu 許樂 2013年兒童才藝比賽B組亞軍 古箏

Charley Zhao 趙弘翔 2013年兒童才藝比賽B組季軍 功夫

Xiaopei Chinese Dance, Inc.- Heather Jackson 曉佩舞蹈學院舞蹈團- 海樂 2012年武功大賽群舞組季軍成員 舞蹈

About Winter Fair: Each year, we celebrate the season and the end of the year with a community favorite event filled with music, dance, and entertainment. Previous years have featured Sherlin Chan’s Children Choir, Singtao Talent Winners,  the world famous Chinese Artists Group with Violinist CHAI Liang, Tenor CHI Liming, Flutist CHEN Huilong, Lutanist PAN Changqing, and local vocalist Sherlin Chan.

冬至音樂會簡介:每年我們都會慶祝冬季和年末,舉辦一場深受社區喜愛的活動,結合音樂、舞蹈和娛樂。前幾年的主打節目包括有Sherlin Chan的美聲兒童合唱、星島才藝表演、世界聞名的中國藝術團帶來的由小提琴演奏者Chai Liang、指揮Chi Liming、笛子吹奏者Chen Huilong、琵琶演奏者Pan Changqing以及本地歌唱家Sherlin Chan的表演。

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