Staff – Executive Director

Mabel Teng, Executive Director

Mabel Teng, a lifelong advocate for social and economic justice, is currently the Executive Director of the Chinese Culture Foundation.

She has over three decades of experience as a non-profit organization administrator, an educator and policy maker.

Since her appointment at the Chinese Culture Foundation in 2009, the organization has gained national and international recognition for its efforts to spark intercultural discovery through art and education. Under Mabel’s leadership CCF has created numerous innovative exhibits and thought provoking public programs, engaged with the City’s finest musicians and fostered a community spirit that truly represents San Francisco’s reputation for authentic cultural diversity. Today, the Foundation is at the intersection of national and international dialogues connecting SF to New York, LA, Miami, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Madrid, and Rio de Janeiro. Perhaps the most important thread through all of these activities is the Foundation’s success in involving the community at deeper levels through a broad range of strategies that promote activism and engagement.

In Mabel’s three decades of public service, she has been at the forefront of change. In 1994, Mabel broke through the glass ceiling and became the first Asian woman elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

During her two consecutive terms Mabel:

–          engaged people of color and communities that were historically underrepresented in public policy formulations.

–          authored the landmark Universal Childcare Policy as well as established the city’s Quality Child Care Fund.

–          pioneered the use of surplus city funds to save arts and music programs in public schools.

–          co-authored and passed legislation to create the Cultural Equity Grants program of  the San Francisco Arts Commission.

As San Francisco’s Assessor Recorder she had perhaps her proudest moment when she officiated the first same sex marriage on Feb 12, 2005.  She worked closely with Mayor Newsom and coordinated San Francisco’s same sex marriage program, which married 3998 same-sex couples.